How to Make Money with Copywriting


Contrary to what people might think about the average copywriter, you can make money with copywriting in today’s saturated community.

But, the real question is, where do you start?

Network Like You’ve Never Networked Before

Reaching out to professional copywriters that have established themselves as successful writers is a great way to gain a bit of insight into what it takes to make it in the industry. Don’t be afraid to connect with whomever you can, for every bit of knowledge gained can help propel you to the next level.

The Internet contains a wide array of resources that can point you in the right direction. Take the time to visit blogs, forums, and other sites. If anything, they can provide you with ideas on how to improve your copywriting skills and even supply you with potential job opportunities.

Popular job sites like Indeed, Monster, and even LinkedIn update on a daily basis and have a constant influx of available job offers – although most of them require you to have worked in the field for 2+ years and hold some sort of degree.

Think about it like this. Without networking and connections, you’ll essentially be paid a garbage amount of money as opposed to having a market of clients at your fingertips. It’s obvious really.

Additionally, you’ll have to focus on what type of copywriter you want to become. Are you looking to become an agency copywriter or a freelance copywriter? Your salary will also depend on your rank (i.e. associate copywriter, junior copywriter, senior copywriter, etc).

Hone Your Craft

The average copywriter salary in the United States, according to Glassdoor, is $56,600. Now, take this with a grain of salt as not every job will pay this much or this little. As I stated before, it merely depends on the type of project, the company you’re employed with, and/or your contract.

But, let this be motivation that there is indeed a spot for you in the copywriting world and you can definitely make a living off of copywriting.

But first, you’ll have to master the art of copywriting, which mind you, isn’t going to be easy.

Be a student of the craft and always strive to learn from established copywriters that have succeeded in the field. Rather than searching for compliments and positive feedback on your work, look for scrutiny and things that you’re doing wrong. As unorthodox as it might sound, you’ll only get better at writing if you can uncover all the flaws within your work.

Look for perfect examples of how copywriting is correctly portrayed on sites. For example, let’s say you’re shopping for some new clothes and you want to find something that perfectly fits the style that you’re looking for. Most of the time, you’ll stare at the picture and imagine how it’d look on you. Then, you’ll probably scroll down and see how much it costs. Smart copywriting pushes the romantic description in a position where the price is, so your eyes tend to naturally drift towards the eye-popping description. When you read it, do you feel even more inclined to purchase the product, or does it not even phase you? Separate the amazing from the mediocre and jot down notes on how the writer describes the product. It should be brief, descriptive (obviously), and heavy on the romanticism.

You can even do some exercises by finding some items in your house and writing some descriptive words about them – which actually helps.

But, don’t limit yourself as copywriting varies from writing blog posts to rushing out press releases. The copywriting industry is a huge one, and there are thousands of ways you can go about becoming one – you just have to find which one comfortably fits your personality and tone. In order to make money with copywriting, you’ll need to discover your identity beforehand. Only then will you be able to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, preferences, and style.

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